About me

I am a good looking stylish woman in my early 30’s. Fully Dutch. Highly educated and intelligent. I am warm, emphatic, but can also be very sadistic. I have several years of professional experience within the BDSM/kink world.
I enjoy different types of BDSM/kink.


Because I enjoy a lot of different types of BDSM/kink, serveral kind of sessions are possible. I don’t like to play scenario’s because I really like to be creative and improvise during my sessions. Both experienced and inexperienced subs are welcome to book a session. Even if you do not cherish submissive feelings but have a specific fetish/kink or other desire within the taboo sphere, you have come to the right place. Just let me know your preferences/fetishes and I will let you know if they match mine.

My limits

Of course I also have my limits during sessions; Scatplay (game with copra/poo) is not an option. As well as anything involving children and/or animals. You will not see me naked during my sessions. Any kind of sexual interaction with me is not possible. Requests like this are refused and/or ignored.

How to Book your BDSM/Kink Session

Due to Dutch government (Covid-19) restrictions the dungeons have to be closed at 5 pm. That’s why I’m forced to change my session schedule for the coming weeks. The dungeons must be empty by 17:00, so my last session of the day need to be finished  at 16:30. This significantly limits the scheduling options for a session.

For me, in addition to fewer hours of play & fun, this also means higher costs and less income. Unfortunately, in the past two weeks I have had to conclude that not everyone is equally respectful of my limited and precious time. That is why I am forced to make some adjustments to the conditions for making a studio appointment.

What does this mean in concrete terms:

– Sessions can be booked for my scheduled playdates between 11.30-16.30

– From now on, a mandatory deposit of €50 per hour applies for every session

N.B. If you have made a deposit and your planned session cannot take place due to government restrictions, you will of course get your deposit back.

I have a discreet bank account, so your transfer cannot be traced directly.

Since there is a good chance that further restrictive measures will follow, it is important to book your session in time. You can do this by sending a complete WhatsApp message to +31681827043 (NO calls!)

In any case, state the following in your application:

  • Your name & contact details
  • How you want to pay the deposit; transfer or payment request
  • Where and when you want to book the session (see agenda for my play dates)
  • Your BDSM preferences and limits and any fetishes (the type of session you prefer)
  • Your experience: beginner / experienced / expert
  • Desired duration of the session

If WhatsApp is not possible, you can also send an email: to make an appointment (I aim to answer emails within 72 hours).